Laguna Beach Homeless Feeds.

Laguna Beach, CA is a nice oceanfront community that attracts not only many year-round tourists, but also many homeless. Along with fine beaches and weather, Laguna Beach also has a nice large ocean front park, Heisler Park. Many generous Laguna Beach residents and organizations reached out to the homeless by providing food and meals in the park. Laguna Beach was the only town within miles so benevolent and, needless to say, that attracted more homeless. Aside from the park being a dining room for the homeless, it also served as their bedroom and bathroom. It got to the point where this was affecting tourism adversely and the city decided to discourage feedings in the park. Feedings and sleeping accommodations were moved to a city shelter situated away from the tourist areas. Not everyone agreed with the city’s new policy and this was expressed somewhat sarcastically in this local weekly newspaper cartoon:

February 5, 2010, Page A8:

Newspaper reader Niko Theris took advantage of the cartoonist’s cavalier use of
the image of Jesus Christ for a local issue and responded with the following letter:

February 12, 2010, Page A9: