Will Faith Override Health Directives?

In Naughty Niko's small town there is only one hospital. Formerly it was known as South Coast Medical Center until the Catholic Sisters of Saint Joseph acquired it and renamed it Mission Hospital. That was one year ago and a local newspaper featured the first anniversary of the purchase with an article headed, "Counting year of blessings for hospital." Niko read the half-page article in anticipation of learning about the hospital's medical and health prevention services. But it turned out to be more otherworldly, dominated with language such as: holy water, prayer, scriptual readings, mention of a Monsignor, Jesus Christ (3-times), God, and a picture of two large Christian crosses that were to be mounted on the hospital.

The overt religiosity of the article caused some doubt in Naughty Niko about acceptance of his health directives by Mission Hospital should he somehow end up there. The directives contain "Do Not Resusitate" instructions which could be contrary to the hospital's theology which dictates preserving life no matter how miserable it may be. This concern was expressed in a letter to the editor shown below:

July 9, 2010, Page A8:
Coincidently, in the same publication, there was a public notice inviting the public to attend a Mission Hospital neighborhood form, see below:

July 9, 2010, Page A6:

Niko took advice from the above article and attended the Hospital Neighborhood Forum so that he could ask his question about his health directives being honored. He did and he was assured that they would be honored. As a follow up to his original letter, Niko submitted the below letter to finally settle the matter:

August 20, 2010, Pages A10 - A11:

Even though Naughty Niko was assured that his directives would be honored, he will in any event try to stay out of any hospital.